Best Drill Press Buyer's Guide

You can use a drill press for a lot of different stuff, that's why there are so many different types of drill presses around. They differ in their shape, size and power, but most importantly how much they cost. That's why we have decided to go through the top options and write out some guides to help you get the best drill press for the money. Whatever type of drill press you want to purchase, there are some things in common that you need to look out for, and some features that you should keep an eye on. You need to think about how much space you have in your workshop to store your drill press. Whether you want to mount it to the floor or your work bench, whether you will be drilling wood or metal etc. Go through this list of drill press reviews to find out which one is the best bet for you.

The WEN 4208 benchtop drill press is number one on this list because it has all the great features most people want when they think of a drill press, but it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The WEN 4208 is a 5 speed drill press. 5 speed means there are 5 different speed settings you can use, so if you're drilling a material that requires a faster or slower RPM you can simply select the right mode. As far as the construction is concerned this drill press is solid. The head, table, and base are all constructed from cast iron. The downside of a cast iron construction is that despite being solid and durable it is so heavy. Although weight isn't too much of a concern with a drill press as usually once you mount it to your work bench you won't need to move it around a whole lot. The motor on this drill press is 0.3 Horse Power, nothing to be scoffed at, but still not as powerful as some of the larger drill presses on this list. Overall the WEN4208 is fantastic drill press for beginners, and even decent for professionals who just need a compact drill press that gets the job done.

The SKIL 3320 benchtop drill press is another 5 speed compact little drill press, very similar to the WEN 4208. The key difference here is that the SKIL is slightly bigger at 10 inches capacity, and it has a few more bells and whistles as far as features go. Despite these advanced features on this drill press, it is still priced at the beginners level so it's very affordable. The X2 Laser guidance system on this drill press makes it one of the most accurate on the market in this price bracket. The 5 speed settings this drill press from SKIL has go from 500 to 3000 RPM. In terms of value for money this drill press can't be beaten.

The Delta 18-900L drill press is a powerhouse in every regard, and the steep price tag reflects this fact. This is not a drill press for amateurs, it is far more suited to professionals. The 18-900L has 16 different speed settings, so with this drill press it is easy to find the optimal speed for drilling holes in any material. The depth scale and depth stops are micro adjustable so you can adjust them with very high precision. It's worth noting that this is a floor drill press rather than a benchtop drill press, that means it is bolted to the floor rather than the bench. It's also much less portable because of this, but for most that's no an issue. Overall this has to be the best drill press on this list, but it is not cheap, and few people would want such a big drill press.

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